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Creating leaders for tomorrow.

Across the nation, we find a generation at a loss for words. Despite numerous technological advancements, countless obstacles stand in the way of children today. From unsatisfactory living conditions to inadequate education systems, it is up to the youth to foster change. But, change isn’t possible without leaders. 


That's why we're here.


Founded in 2016, Key2Finesse is a student-run nonprofit organization that recognizes the issues around us that inhibit our personal growth. We strive to build necessary skills in ourselves and others, such as public speaking, time management, and confidence building.

With this portfolio of integral leadership abilities, we hope to create a tomorrow that finds individuals ready to make change. A tomorrow with youth that wants success not just for themselves, but for all of society. 

Welcome leader; welcome to your success, to your future, to Key2Finesse.

  about us.          

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our 2023 charity

The Abhi Shah Foundation

Abhi Shah Foundation is a locally registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a 0% administrative cost, that provides a safe home to young human trafficking victims and foster children. These issues have recently become especially crucial, with human trafficking victims increasing by 158% in the last five years alone. From 2012-2018, there were 50,000 more foster children in Michigan alone. Abhi Shah Foundation aims to keep Abhi Shah's foundation alive. "Go out of your way to help someone every day, you'll sleep better" - Abhi Shah.

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what we do

For the past eight years, Key2Finesse has fundraised for a variety of organizations, including those supporting education, food insecurity, and healthcare, to ultimately benefit youth in our communities. 

Key2Finesse emphasizes the importance of volunteering to students of all ages. We offer several volunteer opportunities to members every year in an effort to continue building leaders for tomorrow.

We host workshops and symposiums for students to hear inspiring stories from professionals and receive advice on topics including college applications, standardized testing, and career paths.

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our 2024 charity!

variety the childrens charity

Variety: The Children's Charity of Detroit 

Variety is a registered local 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1932 in Pennsylvania. Their mission statement is simply to help kids, no matter their needs, through initiatives that provide life-changing services and support to all. Variety believes in creating a happier, healthier, and more independent childhood for all children and has impacted over 20,000 families to date. Through their broad range of core programs, they are able to provide resources to aid with issues ranging from food insecurity to mental health awareness to upper limb deformities. With year-round events and generous donations from businesses like yours, the Detroit chapter of Variety operates vital initiatives for countless children, such as the Myoelectric Center, the SHINE fashion show, and Bikes for Kids night. Each of their local programs is uniquely tailored to ensure full, successful treatment for each child they support.

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